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This premier package includes: the Tanto, 3 stainless steel bitcoin backups, and premium walk-through support that will quickly solve any issues.


A Tanto node packed with features, stainless steel bitcoin backup, and premium walk-through support. This package equips you with the fundamental components needed to safeguard your financial privacy and take control of your digital assets.


The Tanto by RoninDojo is our flagship bitcoin node. Quality hardware inside a stylish premium case, pre-flashed RoninOS, and plug-n-play functionality to get everything running in no time. Privacy and sovereignty is only getting easier to obtain.


Purchase a RoninDojo premium support subscription valid for 1 month from date of purchase.

US only

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Designed for securing your Bitcoin 12-word seed + passphrase so you'll never lose access to your funds!  


We recommend using this Automatic Center Punch for marking the RoninSteel. Just press and it will…

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